"I would like to take a moment to recognize technical support team member JP for his assistance with restoring my PC on 04/06/11. He was able to provide 100% satisfactory customer service and remained professional throughout his process. He was able to clearly communicate and provide instructions in a relatable manner, so that it was easy to follow along with commands. He is a very highly skilled and knowledgeable guru; which enables him to apply his techno savvy skills in this specialized profession.

His work ethic definitely reflects the passion that he possesses in regards to fulfilling all areas of his job expectations. I thank JP for extending his patience, kindness, courteous, and expertise. I would recommend an increase in pay as I can see JP continuing to advance long-term with the company. HelpGurus.com has truly invested in an excellent candidate who represents the company at its best. I look forward to conducting further business as well as referring my family and friends in your direction." Elisa C.
"Salvador assisted me with a complicated problem that had been plaguing me for some time. His services were superior in every respect and he was remarkable patient and kind to me. He is a credit to your organization, so I hope you treat him well. He ought to be given a raise, and I would if I were in charge." - Daryl W.
"Alvern was the best and I am very happy with his service. He went the extra mile in assisting me with my facebook and printer problem. I am very happy with him." - Judy M.
"Jeck, I want you to know how much I appreciate all the help you gave me but also for the kind of person you are. You were able to fix my computer and email after I had spent hours and several days with other technicians who were not able to fix it. Although it was not a simple job for you, you stayed with it until you had solved the problem. You are extremely competent and determined. I am sure if you had not taken on the problem of fixing it for me, it would not have been done I called you Thursday AM and YOU were able to fix it. As a person you are in a class by yourself. You care about helping people which results in your going over and beyond what most people would do. Not only do you help but you are kind and considerate—and patient. You are really one fantastic person---one in a million. I will never forget you and what you did in regard to the computer/email problem. Thanks. I do not have words to express my appreciation for what you did and who you are." - Winnie
"Izzy was exceptional...very knowledgeable...patient and very courteous...5 STARS!!!" - Margene Versace
"You have already been recommended and will be getting a few more customers. Thank you, Melinda" - Melinda Mccormick
"All your techs that I did business with had loads of patience with me. Thank you." - Joseph Birg
"Dave was professional and helpful thank you for your service." - Amber Massingo
"Chris was great to deal with and very professional." - Nathan Rothlisberger
"Pam made my day. She help me with my problem right away. And she sound so professional and very knowledgeable. I give her 50 stars customer service. I'm so proud to be a Filipino because of you guys. You have the best service. Thank you." - Judy Mollasgo
"I have already recommended Helpgurus to friends and will continue to do so. Ikky and Maria were excellent representatives and very helpful." - Ted Shadid
"Chris was very patient and very knowledgeable. He's as good as the best. Mark also was very helpful to me, but Chris was very patient and just exceeded my expectations for his computer knowledge. Thank you all very much." - Gene Dorman
"I spoke with Edward and was thankful that he wasn't the pushy salesman. He offered to help me with my reinstall of Norton products even after he told me about MS Security Essentials. After answering my questions about both products, I opted for removal of Norton and installation of MS Essentials. I, greatly, appreciated his most helpful attitude and respectfulness. I'm sure I'll be very satisfied with your company and will recommend you to family and friends." - Loretta Diehl
"Danny was absolutely wonderful! Very patient, kind, informative, helpful, mannerly. Perfect guy to have working for you!" - Mary Sechrist
"None, Tech JP, was and very patient in providing expertise, support and resolution. Myself and family will contact Helpgurus for any or future support because of the service JP provided on this date." - Lisa Jones
"Very happy with service. Extremely nice and knowledge gentleman, I could not have had a better tech. Thanks very much." - Gene Dorman
"The technicians were extremely helpful, patient and informative. Not only did they stick with me and the problem for hours, but they taught me a lot." - Jill Doll
"Magdalyn has the best customer service I ever had compared to the previous techs. She help me with my problem right away and she is very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I give her 10 stars. Keep up the good work. I am proud of you." - Judy Mollasgo
"Larry was exceptional in his knowledge & persistence to resolve the technical issue & walk me thru the solutions. I cannot give him enough praise for his assistance." - Wally Dygus
"I am very impressed with Dave's assistance. Very patient and courteous." - Mahlon Trout
"My tech rep Dave was very helpful in solving the issue that I had. He was very polite, fast, knowledgeable and very professional. He made sure that I was satisfied with his work. It took a very long time because he wanted to make sure that the computer was in great working condition. I give him an A+." - Penny Tyler
"Marcus - exceeded my expecatations -- give him a 10++++ rating." - Paul Hudale