Our Services

HelpGurus provides a wide range of tech services that can help you keep your PCs, networks, and other hardware running at optimum performance.

We can help you:

Setup & Install

We will set-up and customize the installation of different applications and personalize your user settings on your pc, operating system, software, internet, email and your peripherals.


Optimize your PC's performance. We'll help you clean-up unwanted files, install critical patches and upgrades, back-up data and configure your browser settings for netter performance.

Trouble Shoot PC problems

We provide complete diagnosis of any tech problem with a comprehensive solution, including repair, updates and optimization for your pc, software and/or peripherals.

Protect your Security

We will remove viruses from your pc and protect yourself against malware, spyware and other aggressive and malicious online attacks. We will also audit security settings, configure your anti-virus and anti-spyware applications, scan your pc and quarantine viruses.

Protect your Data

We will help you protect your data as we will show you how to back-up of your documents, photos, videos, etc.

Have a Green PC

We can configure your pc settings so you will use less energy. By using less energy, you not only save the environment, but you save money, too!